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This, my first banjo, was a really inexpensive, difficult to play and terrible sounding instrument. Having been a Christmas gift and my being a complete novice, it was wonderful despite its shortcomings of which I had no inkling at the time anyway! Thankfully, I have no pictures of that banjo or me playing it. However it was similar to the one shown here on the right. This was my first really good-quality banjo. After about a year struggling with the Kay tenor, my father realized that I was pretty serious about playing and could use a better instrument. Most banjo players I know like glitzy instruments. After getting pretty good at playing and earning some money teaching at the music store we ordered the Vega Professional from, I decided to step up a couple of notches on the Vega ladder and splurge on a Vox IV—each one custom built with gold plated hardware and uniquely colored designs engraved and painted on the creamy-white resonator.

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No two models of banjos sound alike. Older banjos are highly prized for their unique tones that evoke the late great artists of blues, bluegrass, and folk. With a few exceptions, older banjos are more sought-after. This is because older models use now-defunct materials, giving them tone that is unique from more modern instruments. Many early Gibson models are incredibly valuable.

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Save Password. Specifically looking for the SN association. I’ll update my finding and key information directly below this line, it’ll represent the earliest instrument types that I’ve found. First references to this naming in The summary below shows a basic view which aligns very closely to the Modelled findings. Banjotrader, I think this is a fabulous idea, and I hope you have gtreat success with it. I’d help you if I could, but I don’t even own a Vega banjo at this time, let alone have the original sales slip.

This is a useful endeavor, because in my experience even the factory records can sometimes be misleading. I’ve found numerous errors in other lists of this type. For example, the Pierce Piano Atlas, which reputedly used information directly from piano companies, is rife with errors. I presently own a Chickering piano which is listed in the atlas as being produced in , even though the factory date stamps show it as being made in , and on my tuning and rebuilding jobs I’ve encountered many other instruments with date stamps and signatures that didn’t jibe with the dates Bob Pierce had collected.

I applaud you and wish you good luck.

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The following information was assembled by me in preparation for a book about the Vega Pete Seeger — an instrument that has been virtually ignored by banjo historians. Walter Scott and I had planned to work on this book together. But as you know, Walter is no longer with us.

I’m trying to figure out the value of a Vega 4 string banjo. to the Serial Number Dating Chart in the June issue of Pickin’ Magazine.

Dating functions. Vega, comments or the dating going to date and dating fairbanks and traded by. Gibson mastertone banjo. Ayak searches hundreds of the fred bacon and john doyle on ebay for dating right now? Archived topic: martin bought vega tubaphone tenor banjo news, gossip, four years in baltimore, articles, history about at his 68th. Learn moreclose x.

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Beautiful vintage Vegavox II tenor banjo. Hardly played, like new. Dating from The Vega Company was founded in and got into banjo making in Their banjos quickly became one of the most popular models amongst jazz musicians during the Jazz Age and are highly prized by collectors and players alike.

We offer this lovely Boston-made “Vegaphone Professional” tenor banjo dating from It features a /16″ rim, hole Tuba-phone tone ring, original.

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have a beautiful vintage Vega 4 string banjo. Some of the other markings I have found include. I play 4-string banjo in the Irish style myself, but this one is beyond my price-range. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About.

The Life & Times of the Pete Seeger 5-string Folk Banjo – 1958 – 1970

Headstocks of US models also use the Gibson headstock shape. Like everything else connected to instrument identification issues — there are many exceptions. In general, higher model numbers meant more binding and ornament. Higher numbers also meant more money. No binding, no inlay and no decoration. It was available with a brown finish and came as a snakehead or paddle headstock.

Michael Shames’ Banjos Vega Vegaphone DeLuxe. Banjos · M. Shames’ here has a serial number of , which places its production date to about

Folkway Music has a new site. Click here to check it out. COM —. Main Photo. Set-up in shop, the uke plays very well. Completely original, and in excellent condition. The instrument features a long

“The Vega Pete Seeger Banjo”

A History of the company. B 5 string plectrum and 4 string tenor and plectrum banjos. C Overview of the banjos in the collection in this grouping.

It details that Vega was still in business in these years but the serial number you have doesn’t match the banjo serial numbers. I suspect your.

For an in depth discussion about important dating information visit the Fairbanks Research article. The A. Fairbanks Company incorporated was succeeded in by the Vega Company established Vega continued to mark their banjos “A. Fairbanks” until the middle teens. During Fairbanks joined with William A. Fairbanks restarted the numbering at about 1, as did W.

From to Fairbanks later Vega made Fred Bacon banjos. Between and Vega made some S. Stewart banjos.

Vega Vegaphone Tenor Banjo

Whatever Happened to the Banjo? Other Inst. Are You a “Brand Bigot”?

Strings; Banjo, Vega, Fairbanks Tubaphone Model 9, Case. Information on vintage Fairbanks Banjos including: dating by serial numbers, construction and.

Kudos to Greg Deering who rescued the Vega brand name from extinction in and restored it to greatness. When C. Martin Co. Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in Thereafter, C. Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument.

This fascinating collection of vintage stringed instruments chronicles luthier C. Although the Martin Company did not manufacture Vega banjos till a century later, a solitary banjo from the mid 19th century is appended to the exhibit to display parallel innovation in the instrument because of its increasing popularity during that era see close-up photo. He is credited with being one of the first banjo-builders to install side brackets with hooks to adjust the tension of the head.

The C. Martin Company acquired the Vega rights from the Bostonian Nelson Family in May of and sold the franchise overseas in March of Ironically, C. Martin briefly built a lightweight tenor banjo between to compete with Vega and other manufacturers whose heavier and more popular banjos had greater tone, volume, and sales.

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Every banjo is worth more in many ways than what it will probably sell for if you possible value of your instrument unless you have a Gibson, Deering, Vega.

The most favorite part of my job is talking to customers! I love hearing their enthusiasm for and love of the banjo! I thought sharing those might help others who are on the same journey. This is perhaps the hardest question to answer. With the advent of new tooling in , we now have most of the upper line banjos labelled with an engraved inlay at the 19th, 20th, 21st, or 22 nd fret with their name on them.

This is a wonderful advantage to the customer so he can find out more on our Deering website about the details of his banjo. When you see Goodtime Special on the peghead, that lets you know that the banjo has a tone ring in the pot assembly; that is what distinguishes it from the non-tone ring models. The best bet is to send pictures to info deeringbanjos.

I will be happy to review them and help you find out what banjo you have.

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Click here for “How much is my banjo worth? Banjo Questions? Ask Michael Shames Please include photos of your banjo when inquiring about value. Your request will not be answered without photos. This web site is free to anyone who wants to view it from the internet. As you may know it is very time-consuming and somewhat costly to put one of these biographies together.

A fabulous example of one of the finest banjos ever made, the Vega 5-string Pete mention of the Pete Seeger banjo is on a company price list dated Mar.

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